Oirschot district

Within the shire of Oirschot are the “ church villages”  Middelbeers, Oostelbeers, Westelbeers and Spoordonk.
300 Monuments have been placed in and around the old market square and narrow cobble-stoned side streets. White washed cottages, lean towards each other, as though they are tired. This then, is the heritage listed centre of Oirschot.

Locals call Oirschot “ the green monument”.
There are numerous bicycle- and walking tracks spreading out from the villages.
For instance, the cultural and historic cycle route runs right through “ the Mortelen” the largest nature reserve of North Brabant. This makes it possible to discover authentic 19th century farms and cottages dotted along the route. On the other hand, nature lovers can enjoy the unique fauna and flora of the district.

Central Oirschot
The heart of Oirschot is the market square. The old church and old town hall take pride of place. You can enjoy a cozy lunch or intimate dinner in one of the many restaurants facing the square.
The local cultural centre named “ The Enck”  presents frequent theatre activities.
Also, there are medical, pharmaceutical and banking facilities in this building.

Bicycle Routes
Kempenland is well-known for its  many bike tracks and to participate in, either a group or by yourself,  through this nice landscape you can meet with likeminded people in Oirschot.
The decision as to which route to take is decided over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Walking tracks
Not long ago a number of walking  tracks were created . Again this network, crisscrossing the nearby countryside  has a number of meeting places, so you can select a walking route to your own liking.
From Le Pavillon you could go for a walk around the block, amble through Oirschot, or decide on a longer walk for the more experienced walkers.
The network consists of 180 kms of path and “ walk friendly”  roads.
The meeting points are usually recognizable by signage along the road or track.

Do you want to do something else?
We are proud of our nature reserves. But outside these designated districts, South-East Brabant has much more to offer. Think of the “Kempen”  and the “Peel” areas known for their uniquely natural beauty like Theme park ” The Efteling” a fairy tale paradise for young and old alike.


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